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Questions on this form will be utilized to gather information, confirm your receipt of information, and verify contact preferences.  Information regarding specific health topics have been sent to you via email, copies are also available by request at any time and are available in the main lobby.
* Are you currently taking prescribed medication(s)?    If "yes" list psychiatric medications first.
List of Current Medications    If you are not taking any medications please write NONE in Row#1.
  Medication Name Dosage Frequency Is this medication effective for treating targeted symptoms/condition Side Effects or Adverse Reactions Reason
* Additional Medication Information    Include any medications you were unable to list above. Also, include any relevant information re: your experience with previously prescribed psychotropic medication(s).
* Name of Primary Care Physician/Provider
* Date of Last Physical Exam
* Current Medical Providers - are you receiving care from any other medical providers?    If "yes" please include name of provider/facility and condition being treated.
* Current Medical Conditions    Do you have any major/significant medical conditions your treatment team should be aware of? Include name of illness/issue, onset, treatment being received, is condition stable, and any other important details.
* Did you experience any birth complications, childhood developmental delays/disabilities, learning disorders or other special needs/circumstances during your early life development?
* Were you exposed to drugs or alcohol in utero?
* Immunizations    *ONLY FOR PATIENTS UNDER 18*
N/A - Patient is an adult  Patient/Parent confirm that immunizations are up to date  Immunizations are not up to date (include details) 
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Psychiatric Advanced Directives
* Do you have a psychiatric advanced directives?
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* If yes, may we have a copy?
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If you answered "no" and you would like information re: psychiatric advanced directives, information has been sent to you via email and is available in the main lobby. If you have questions, please ask your Intake Specialist.
Communication Preferences
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Your signature confirms that you have read, understand, and agree with the information listed in this form and to the information listed below.  

1. LifeBack has provided you with the following information: (additional copies are available by request, can be found in our mail lobby and are available on our website):
       • Information about Psychiatric Advance Directives.
       • Information on HIV/AIDS testing sites.
       • Information on how to file complaints and/or grievances.
       • Information on Summer Heat and Sun Risks for Antipsychotic Medication.

2. I understand that I can regularly update LifeBack if my contact preference changes.

3. I will inform LifeBack if my insurance information changes.

4. I give LifeBack permission to contact my emergency contact, listed in my Patient record, in the event of an emergency including concerns for my immediate safety.

5. I understand that for my protection and the protection of other Patients, visitors and employees the premises are monitored by closed circuit surveillance.
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